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Peregrine Falcon - Photo Courtesy of Richard L. Becker (SongStar.ORG)
The Peregrine Falcon, pictured above,
is the fastest animal in the world,
sometimes reaching speeds in excess
of 200 miles per hour while diving.
Photo courtesy of Richard L. Becker

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kingsbury high school memphis tennessee kingsbury high school memphis tennessee kingsbury high school memphis tennessee
Welcome to the official website of the Kingsbury High School Alumni Association. This site is dedicated to all graduates of Kingsbury High School in Memphis, Tennessee. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Kingsbury  High  School
The first graduating class of Kingsbury High School was in 1959. The falcon, known for its speed and agility, is Kingsbury's official mascot. Maroon and white are the official school colors.
   Kingsbury High School
   1270 N. Graham St.
   Memphis, TN 38122
   (901) 416-6060

I n   M e m o r i a m

It is with much sadness that we must announce the
passing of Thelma Jo Morrison Harbin Billings, mother of Billy Harbin (KHS'71), on January 3, 2014.

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Kingsbury High School in the News
( News stories are in reverse chronological order )
Kingsbury High Makes the Grade
(August 4, 2008 - Commercial Appeal)
Kingsbury's Algebra scores went up by nearly 30 percentage points, allowing the school to make Adequate Yearly Progress in all academic categories for the first time since No Child Left Behind started.
A simple round of golf re-ignites several connections
(written by David McCollum - KHS'68)

(June 15, 2008 - Log Cabin Democrat - Conway, Arkansas)
It was a good golf day. It was a good "friend" day. It was a wonderful day to reconnect.
Kingsbury football team flying high
(October 12, 2007 - Commercial Appeal)
The most important game is always the next game, Kingsbury football coach Duron Sutton says, and the Falcons know how important a victory over the Fairley Bulldogs tonight at the Fairgrounds will be.
Article about Hunter Harrison (KHS'66)
(October 12, 2007 - Commercial Appeal)
E. Hunter Harrison, the former Memphian who runs Canadian National Railway, doesn't know this, but when the Economic Club of Memphis expects a blockbuster crowd, it books the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis.
Former Kingsbury Coach Bill Todd
(January 24, 2007 - Commercial Appeal)
A newspaper article about former Kingsbury Coach Bill Todd, originally published on January 24, 1982, was reprinted twenty five years later in the 'Memphis Memories' section of the Commercial Appeal on January 24, 2007 ...
Kingsbury kids know their way around kitchen
(July 12, 2006 - Commercial Appeal)
It was like hitting a walk-off home run, throwing the winning touchdown or scoring a half-court basket at the buzzer to win the game when the team from Kingsbury Career Technology Center took top honors at a statewide culinary competition this spring ...
Rwandan refugee gets new life in U.S., then works his way to the
head of the class

(July 2, 2006 - Commercial Appeal)
Robert Kabera is in a cinderblock classroom that sits awkwardly on the shoulder of a field where he used to play soccer after school ...
Grant Kingsbury teacher gets $500
(May 27, 2006 - Commercial Appeal)
Jorge Enciso, a teacher at Kingsbury Middle-High School, is a winner of the One Class At A Time $500 grant awarded by the Memphis Area Teachers' Credit Union. Enciso was surprised in his classroom with a $500 check from MATCU's senior vice president Ken Newberry, Eyewitness News personalities Dee Griffin and Cameron Harper, and MATCU's ATM mascot Smarty ...
Kurdistan to Kingsbury, he outdistances disadvantage
(May 26, 2006 - Commercial Appeal)
Kingsbury High soccer player Taha Jan wears a stoic mask when his opponents talk trash. But he's laughing inside when somebody jeers: "Go back to your own country!" ...


Billy Harbin

Over the years, Billy Harbin has been the most enthusiastic supporter of all things related to Kingsbury and its alumni. He probably knows more about Kingsbury graduates, and their current status, than anyone. Billy has one daughter, Kerri, a Junior at Ole Miss.

Billy earned an Architectural degree from State Technical Institute (now Southwest Tennessee Community College) and a Bachelor degree in Photography/Graphics from the University of Memphis. He works for The University of Memphis in Campus Planning and Design as an Engineering/Graphic Designer.

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Painting of Kingsbury High School

This is a splendid painting by world-renowned Memphis-area
artist, Lafayette Ragsdale. Prints of this painting (9" x 12½")
are available for purchase from : Lafayette Ragsdale

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